3 Types Of Nature Tours For Your Next Vacation

When you are planning your family vacation, you might want to do something a little more adventurous than going to a theme park or swimming at the hotel. There are many vacations that include different types of guided tours, allowing you to enjoy nature up close and learn something along the way. Here are some types of nature tours to consider.

Guided Hiking Tours

If you want your family to get up close and personal during the nature tour, you can go on a walking or hiking tour. While there are some places that allow you to go on a hike on your own and view nature at your leisure, guided tours provide more education along the way. The nature guide will let you know which birds are native and what bird calls you might be hearing, where the local wildlife is, and what flowers grow in this region. There are different lengths of walking tours, so you can go out for a couple hours or half the day.

Location-Specific Tours

There are also destination tours where you go to that state, country, or island specifically to go on an in-depth guided tour. For example, you might wonder what the natural landscape looks like on one of the islands of Hawaii, and will travel there for that purpose. The guided tour might take you through rainforests, over cliffs and mountains, and show you their most beautiful waterfalls. Like other nature tours, these often include the native animals, flowers, birds, and special things to see like volcanoes and beaches. You might want to head to Oahu and see the Diamond Head volcanic crater that is there or see what birds are native to Maui.

Wildlife Tours

If your family is interested in seeing more of the local wildlife, animal-oriented tours will be perfect for you. These should be guided tours to keep your family safe from the wildlife, but also to keep the wildlife safe. They will be in their natural element during the tour, so it is important to not disturb them. There are tours where you can see small wildlife creatures, elephants and rhinos, or panda bears. Some of these are safaris where you are safely on a vehicle going through nature preserves, while other tours are out in the actual wilderness. A popular tour is one that takes you to see grizzly bears from the safety of the safari vehicle. You can also find water tours that let you see ocean animals like dolphins and whales.

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