What To Do In The Bahamas If You Don't Like Tanning On The Beach

Just because you're not a big fan of laying out and tanning on the beach, it doesn't mean that the Bahamas are not a great place to vacation. Besides going out swimming in the ocean, there are lots of other cool things to do. If you're the type who is not a sun worshiper (maybe you are fair skinned and concerned about skin cancer, or maybe you just find it boring), then you should look into some of the fun ways of enjoying the ocean. Here are 4 things you can do.

Jet Skiing

If you like riding motorcycles, or just like the idea of zipping around the ocean's surface, then check out a jet ski rental. You can rent one yourself, or if you're down in the Bahamas with your partner, you can rent one and ride it two-up style like you might a motorcycle (with one of you sitting in the back). Riding two-up is great if one of you is less comfortable handing the jet ski. You can relax on the back and let the other person handle the controls.

Many places will give you a quick lesson on how to operate them, so you're not out there without a clue as to how to run the machine. However, you should still use life jackets and also not travel too far out, just in case you run out of gas.

Scuba Diving

If you prefer to look under the water, as oppose to riding atop it, then you should consider scuba diving. You can rent a tank and go look at coral, schools of fish, and in some locations, wrecks. Now, if you are not certified, then you have a limited range of options. You can't just rent tanks and head out. What you can do is find a SCUBA certification course while you're down there and take it. You'll get to learn about the instruments, how to operate the tanks, and also get into the water.


If you don't feel like taking a course while on vacation, but like the idea of swimming around and seeing what's under the water, then you should consider snorkeling. This sort of activity doesn't require any certification. There are no oxygen tanks, so you won't be able to go really deep and stay down for extended periods of time, but it's still really fun. Plus, you don't have to worry about keeping track of valves, oxygen levels, and re-breathers. It's a much more relaxed way to explore underneath the ocean.

Rent A Private Yacht For The Day

A really fun way to get out on the water is to rent a yacht for the day. This will let you tour around and find cool little private beaches, and also give you the opportunity to go out to deep water so you can snorkel and see bigger fish. It's also a great way to get away from the crowded beach. If you're down there with a group of friends, then you can all chip in to rent one for the day. You can have lunch catered on the yacht and relax without the noise of a cluttered, tourist-filled beach. For information on renting a yacht in the Bahamas, contact a company like Charter Bonaparte.

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