10 Tips For Your Next Wine Tasting

Are you traveling to your first wine tasting or tour soon? You might be a bit nervous if this is going to be your first time. Fortunately, a wine tour or tasting is relatively simple on your part. You just drink when you are told to! These tips will help you keep your tasting simple.

1. Avoid wearing strong scents.

The cologne and perfume you wear could significantly impact the way you and those around you taste wine. Remember that your taste is closely tied to your sense of smell.

2. Taste what is offered, even if you don't think you like that type of wine.

You might not be a fan of sweet wines, but it is possible to be pleasantly surprised during a tasting. Plus, it's the polite thing to do when you are at a winery.

3. Drink moderately.

Of course, you will be drinking a lot of wine during the tasting. This means that you need to consider your conduct. Know your limits, and stick with them.

4. Many tasting rooms do not accept tips.

If the employee assisting you does not accept your tip, it is probably for this reason. It is better not to insist, as this could get the employee in trouble.

5. Have a designated driver or use a car service.

A service like Lyft or Uber can ensure that you do not find yourself behind the wheel after having too much to drink.

6. Don't try to haggle over the price of wine.

These prices are not set up by the employee you are speaking to, and so haggling is not possible.

7. Weekend wine tours are busy, so make sure to go early.

The earlier you go, the less of a line you will be forced to contend with.

8. Know what kind of wine you like.

Do you like reds? Whites? Sweet wines? Dry wines? This will help the employee at the tour or tasting direct you to the best options for your palate.

9. Tasting rooms are boring for little ones.

If you are thinking about bringing the kids to a tasting or winery tour, you may want to think again. They may be allowed, but this does not mean they will have a good time.

10. Don't be afraid to ask questions.

You are at the winery to learn a thing or two. Don't forget to ask questions about the wine you drink, as you have a captive audience to answer them.

With this information in mind, you are ready for your first wine tour or tasting! For more travel information, contact companies like Ambassador Limousine.

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