Disney Destinations Vacation Planning For Your Child's Birthday: 3 Ways To Make It More Memorable While On A Budget

Experience magic coming alive in front of your eyes by booking a vacation to a Disney destination. There are a lot of different parks and resorts that you can visit all over the world. Each park can offer an entirely different experience. Disney destinations are still incredibly popular vacation locations for families. For example, Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom averages approximately 53,000 guests each day. To plan a memorable vacation experience while on a budget, contact a Disney destinations vacation planner and consider the following 3 tips.

Look for Packages that Include Free PhotoPass Pictures

Give your child a momento that will help them remember the vacation. A photograph says a thousand words and will perfectly capture blissful moments. Look for Disney destination vacation packages that include free PhotoPass pictures. While you're obligated to go on those rides in order to get the pictures, you're paying a lot less for the pictures if they're included in the packages than if you were to purchase them separately. You might want to take a look at whether only a specific ride is covered or whether you can get several free pictures from any ride of your choosing. Your child might not be interested in going on some of the more hectic and extreme rides.

Experience More for Less by Upgrading Your Ticket to Add "Park Hopping"

If you're planning on taking your child to more than one park in order to broaden their experiences, you'll save a lot of money on the vacation if you upgrade your ticket to add "park hopping". The extra price is tacked onto the ticket and not onto each day that you spend at a Disney resort or park. You can feel free to visit whichever park you want on whatever day. There are no restrictions or limitations. This allows you to enjoy more flexibility on your vacation and come and go as your child wishes.

Pick Days When There Are Special Events

The vacation can be a lot more memorable if you happen to choose vacation days when the resort or park is hosting a special event. The park might be setting off a firework display to celebrate a special day, or they might have other fun activities or games to celebrate certain themes. This can make the vacation feel a lot more special and exciting. Have a Disney destination vacation planner help you choose which days to book your vacation on.


A trip to Disney doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. There's plenty of ways that you can plan a memorable and enjoyable vacation while on a budget with the many options that Disney resorts and parks have to offer.

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