4 Tips For A Wonderful Boat Tour Of The Na Pali Coast

A trip to the beautiful island of Kauai is not complete without seeing the magnificent Na Pali coastline. While you can opt to hike along the coast or take a helicopter tour, the most popular way to view the Na Pali coast is on a boat tour. If you're making plans for your Hawaiian vacation, use the following tips for booking the perfect Na Pali boat tour:

Plan on Taking the Tour Early in Your Vacation

If you have your heart set on taking a Na Pali boat tour, it is a good idea to plan on doing it early in your trip. While most companies schedule tours daily, there is the possibility of a tour being canceled due to adverse ocean conditions. This can be especially true in the winter months when the waters along the Na Pali coast can be rough and large swells can be present. If you book your tour early in your vacation, you will have time to reschedule if your tour is canceled.

Choose the Right Kind of Boat

When it comes to Na Pali boat tours, you can choose between rigid-hulled rafts and larger catamarans. These vessels are quite different from each other and each one will offer a different experience. Choose the rigid-hulled raft if you're looking for excitement and speed. Be aware that most rigid-hulled rafts do not have bathroom facilities on board, and the ride can be bouncy. Catamarans that tour the Na Pali coast are much larger and can accommodate more people. Many families with young children tend to prefer catamarans due to their larger size, stability, and on-board bathroom facilities.

Take Medication to Prevent Sea Sickness

If you have never taken a boat tour on the ocean before and don't know how you will react out on the water, it is a good idea to take over the counter medication to help prevent sea sickness prior to embarking on your tour. The last thing you want is to pay for a boat tour only to not enjoy it because you feel nauseous and queasy.

Select Your Tour Time

Most companies offer Na Pali boat tours in the morning and in the afternoon. Many people choose a morning tour because the ocean tends to be calmer and morning tours are often longer and include lunch and snorkeling. It is also not uncommon to see dolphins along the Na Pali coast in the morning. If you choose an afternoon Na Pali boat tour, snorkeling may not be included but you will have the opportunity to witness an unbelievable sunset. 

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