How to Plan a Surprise Destination Wedding

Have you decided to surprise the man or woman that you love with a wedding in a tourism destination? Since the surprise will likely require travel at a far distance, it is important for every aspect of the wedding to be well planned out. Your surprise can end up being a nightmare if certain things are not taken care of in advance. Below, you will discover a few suggestions that can assist with planning the most ideal wedding surprise for your partner.

1. Figure Out How Guests Will Get to the Destination

If you want to marry your partner in the presence of family and friends, things can be tricky when you are also planning a wedding in a tourism destination. You must figure out how everyone will make it to the destination place, as many people will need to be notified well in advance. If doing so is within your budget, you can plan to pay for the travel and accommodation expenses for the people that you really want at the wedding. For instance, parents, siblings, and close friends should not be left out of the event, especially since this is a surprise for your future spouse.

2. Book a Hotel Room at the Wedding Venue

Rather than spending a lot of time searching for a hotel room and wedding venue, you can opt for their being at the same place. It is common for most of the hotels with satisfactory star ratings to have banquet halls that can be rented out for weddings. Some hotels will also have outdoor areas designated for hosting wedding ceremonies. Keep in mind that many hotels will also handle all of the catering for a wedding.

3. Find a Professional Photographer in Advance

You don't want to go through with planning a surprise wedding and forgetting to book a photographer. It is important to capture memories that you and your partner can cherish for many years to come. Find a few photographers in the destination place and then do a little research on their reputation. For instance, ask the photographers for copies of their work as well as for a few references that can be contacted.

4. Ask a Travel Agent to Assist You with Planning

The smartest way to plan a surprise wedding at a tourism destination is with assistance from a travel agency. You might then be able to get discounts on the flight and hotel room. A travel agent can also schedule times for you and your partner to tour the destination place after the wedding.

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