Gear Decisions To Make When You Try Snorkeling

If you enjoy physical activities and you're looking for new things to try, snorkeling can be a good addition to your list of things to do. You can go snorkeling in a number of different ways, including taking a group tour, receiving lessons, or just renting gear and doing your own outing. When you're getting ready to try snorkeling, you'll typically be presented with several different gear options and have the ability to choose what is right for you. Here are three gear-related decisions that you'll need to make at the start of your snorkeling adventure.

Mask and Snorkel

The place from which you rent your mask and snorkel will likely have a number of different options for you to consider. A lot of people use separate goggle-style masks and snorkels; typically, the snorkel will clip to the strap on your mask to keep the snorkel in an upright position. Goggle-style masks can vary in size; those that are larger will often give you a better field of vision than those that are smaller. Another option is a full-face mask that has the snorkel built into it. This type of mask can often feel easier to use, while you might also appreciate how it keeps your entire face dry.


You'll also have the option of wearing a wetsuit or just wearing your standard bathing suit. If you're taking part in a short snorkeling outing that will serve as an introduction to this activity, you can usually just wear your bathing suit and be comfortable. A wetsuit, however, can be a good choice if you'll be in the water for a longer duration or if the water is cooler. A wetsuit will play a critical role in keeping your body warm, which will enhance your enjoyment of the activity.


Snorkeling fins on your feet will allow you to glide through the water with surprising ease, making this piece of gear an essential to rent. You'll likely have a few different options to consider. Some fins cover your entire foot, while others leave your heel open and just have a thin strap that holds the fin in place. A lot of people find the former design to offer a snugger fit. You'll also get to choose how long you want the fins to be. Those that are shorter are easier to kick, while those that are longer will propel you farther with each kick.

Learn more by visiting a local snorkeling center.

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