3 Huge Benefits Of Monthly Airport Parking

Many people who regularly travel for work often find themselves faced with a frustrating dilemma: what to do with their vehicle during the time they are away. If you are someone who frequently travels for over a month at any given time, take a look below at just three of the biggest reasons why short-term parking at your airport of choice is almost certainly the best available solution.

Saving Time and Money

If you choose to not take advantage of short-term parking, you'll almost certainly waste valuable time. Anxiously waiting for an airport van that is late because of traffic or helplessly sitting in the back seat while a taxi driver takes the wrong turn just after the airport exit are just two examples of ways your travel time can be wasted. In a worst-case scenario, you can even miss your flight and have to reschedule. Even if everything goes smoothly, however, monthly airport parking is almost always less expensive in the long run than having to hire a taxi or ride-share service, especially if the airport you're headed to is a few dozen miles away.

Maintaining Security

While saving time and money is perhaps the biggest priority of many people, maintaining some level of security during your trip is of equal importance. The only thing worse than coming back from a long trip to discover that your vehicle has been damaged in some way is to be alerted in the middle of your trip about your vehicle being stolen. Both can be prevented when you leave your car in a short-term airport parking lot. Security guards and 24/7 camera feeds will give you peace of mind that your car is in good hands.

Other Services

The benefits of monthly parking don't end with savings and security. For small additional fees, many short-term parking lots offer additional services. These can be as varied as an oil change, gas tank fill-up, car wash, or even full detailing. Not only that, many of these services are less expensive than they would be at a local shop or auto mechanic. Some airports that are located in areas of the country with harsh weather — such as frequent blizzards in the winter or dust storms in the summer — also offer their monthly parking lot customers the ability to park their car in a covered parking structure, making sure it is protected from the elements.

For more information about short-term parking, contact a local provider.

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